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WITR  - 89.7 FM
  • USA

  • Muzyka pop / Alternatywna

WITR (89.7 FM) is a student-broadcasted radio station in Henrietta, New York. It is a college radio station, owned by the Rochester Institute of Technology. WITR call letters were issued by the Federal Communications Commission. Your signal can be received approximately 40 km south of the RIT campus and north of Rochester. The office and recording studios are located at Level A (basement) of the Student Alumni Union, just after the RITZ Sports Zone. In 2015, a new studio, Studio X, was built on the main floor of the Student Alumni Union. WITR - 89.7 FM z USA, nadawany w formacie Muzyka pop / Alternatywna

WITR  - 89.7 FM
WITR - 89.7 FM
4.5/5 na podstawie 4 głosów

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