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KNZZ - 1100 AM
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KNZZ (1100 AM) is an authorized radio station in Grand Junction, Colorado and serves the Grand Junction area. The station is owned by MBC Grand Broadcasting, Inc. The KNZZ transmission towers outside Grand Junction They are affiliated with BYU Cougars Sports Network. KNZZ was first authorized on September 16, 1925 as a portable transmission station, with call letters assigned in sequence to KFXJ, at Mountain States Radio Distributors, Inc. in Denver. However, the 26-year-old president of the Mountain States, Elden F. Horn, was electrocuted the following month while working on the installation of the KFBU radio station in St. Matthew's Cathedral in Laramie, Wyoming for the University of Wyoming. In 1926, as part of the settlement of the Horn estate, the license and equipment of KFXJ were transferred to RG "Rex" Howell, a recent graduate of the Denver high school and first employee of one of the first stations radio of that city, KFEL. KNZZ - 1100 AM z USA, nadawany w formacie Variété

KNZZ - 1100 AM
KNZZ - 1100 AM
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